All three of my shows received rave reviews - and Hamlet-Horatio's Tale SOLD OUT! So delighted, especially for my beautiful actors - Guy Masterson in his 25th Fringe and Kizzy Dunn, in her first! All three shows will be touring in late 2018 and 2019 

Nick Hennegan 

Writer, Director, BROADCASTER and Producer.

Nick Hennegan was born in Birmingham, England.

His Mom said he was,  "more trouble than her other kids put together."

He felt sorry for his Mom.  Being from a council estate housing project he thought he might make things better if he worked as a Police Cadet after he left school at 15.

It didnt really help.  So he tried other things.

Now he mainly writes stuff.  Although he has an M.A. in Creative Producng.  And he's won a few awards directing. And worked at Shakepeare's Globe.  And won a bursary from The Society of London Theatre for producing.  And a Guiness Award through the Royal National Theatre. And A Sony Radio Award.  And he was nomintated for 'Creative Briton'.  And 'Midlander of The Year'.  And his last screenplay was voted top 20 in the UK.  And appeared on the Black List in Hollywood.

His Mom might think this is showing off a bit.  

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Nick has a number of writing,theatre, film, radio, TV and digital projects he'd like to get off the ground.

Listen to Nick, not only on Resonance 104.4FM, but also on his short, topical, podcasts.

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