AS written for a stage award.

The Official Biog Bit

Nick was born in Birmnhinghm and after a succesufll carreler in radio, where he won a Sony Radio Award, he began witing for theatre in 1992. This was a nomination for a Stage Award.

Nick Hennegan has tirelessly written, directed and produced theatre, mainly on the council estates of his native Birmingham, for people who don't attend theatre, since 1992.  After success with an adaptation of Shakespeare's Henry V,  he turned down a five figure buyout for his promotions company in 1994, and its subsequent conditional job,  to pursue theatre full-time.  Ann Fitzgerald, a Stage reviewers at the time, saw how Nick single-handedly created fringe theatre in Birmingham, building a new theatre audience at the Billelsley pub from nothing with some stunningly inventive productions.  From 1994 to 1999 the audience went from zero to full houses in what was described as the biggest pub theatre in the uk, producing more actor hours than the Birmingham Rep even, presenting three week runs every six weeks. 

He then went on to create, write, direct and produce The London Literary Pub Crawl, a promenade theatre performance through the streets of Soho and Fitzrovia that is attracting thousands of people, both in London and from around the world, to the classics.  The Guardian enjoyed an early preview performance, apart from the lack of drinking!

He has adapted a verison of A Christmas Carol, Hamlet and Henry V - all of which a

Perhaps most remarkable is that Nick had no formal education. Born on a council estate in Birmingham and having failed his 11plus, he was not to go to Uni until the age of 50!  He should perhaps be nominated for Best Producer - he is currently creating a new play about Dylan Thomas.  

In addition to creating new theatre audiences from the poorest, most socially excluded backgrounds, he had also encouraged and supported countless new theatre practitioners, many of whom owe their professional careers to Nick.  

He established the Maverick Youth Academy and then the Fox Maverick Youth group with a commercial agency.  He established The Maverick Rocket Writers new writing group and one of its local writers, Stephen Jackson, won the Verity Bargate Award at the Soho Theatre with a play he originally wrote for Nick, 'Roller Diner', set in Birmingham.

Last year Nick won a SOLT, Stage One bursary for new producers and he was nominated for Midlander of the Year a while ago, as well as a nomination for a Millenium Creative Britain.  But apart from that a lifetime of effort has largely been unrecognised by the industry. Nick totally introduced me to the arts and screenwriting and if he'd had more support his achievements may be even greater.  But he is still creating and innovating and I'd urge you to recognise his achievements in theatre, particularly in the Midlands. 

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